tiktok same style / car protection 4pcs gift pack.

tiktok same style / car protection 4pcs gift pack.

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Package include:

1 * Set Car handle stickers (1 set =4 pcs )

1 * Car Headlight Protector Film

2 * Square Mirror Protection Film

2 * Oval Mirror Protection Film

1 Set of Installation Tools

1 * interior protection tape



Brand new and high quality
Protect your vehicle's paint from scratching
Advantage: rub the scratch-resistant, anti-fouling, corrosion, prevent radiation super toughness, scratch resistant, perfect care, bright and transparent
Durable, transparent, invisible
Material: PVC colorless and transparent (polyurethane)
Package: 4 pieces of one set 
Size: Approx. 9*8CM
The use must first sprayed with water at the door handle, a move to prevent the paste crooked, sprayed with water can be corrected in a timely manner!
paste after 2-3 days, please do not rain and car wash !

1*Car Headlight Protector Film:

*100% Brand new and high quality
*Made of high quality materials, durable and practical.
*Excellent optically transparent viscous, good heat dissipation transmittance
*Easy to install, three layers of protection,  and wash cars without problem
*Transmittance exceeds 95%; it does not affect the original light  source
*Scratch resistant, solid and durable
*Material: Vinyl
*Color: As Pictures Show
*Size: Width:30cm, Length: 60cm



* 100% brand new and high quality

* Made of high quality PET plastic material, durable and practical to use


* This specular color is the ideal way to protect the specular glass from the blurry rain, fog or strong light during driving, giving you a clear field of vision for improved safety.

* Anti-glare, anti-fog, waterproof, rain-proof

* Reduce glare and humidity to help you see more clearly and drive safely.

* Free application suite, convenient and easy to install.

* Use the tool kit to firmly adhere the adhesive to the rearview mirror for quick installation.


Color: transparent
Length: 3 meters

1.door edge
--can prevent the injury from the door edge when open the door
2.back door
--prevent the injury from the back door when get in or off the car
3.bumper corner
--avoid driving at high speed, scratch paint by small stone
4.wheel eyebrow
--prevent the dirt when driving on the complex road
5.car door inside bottom
--prevent the dirt of the shoes when get on or off the car
6.rearview mirror
--when parking, the most easy part to be scratched.
7.door bowl
--the door handlE is the part often be scratch

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