[Limited time offer] Long battery life + Sony 4K dual camera

[Limited time offer] Long battery life + Sony 4K dual camera

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Our foldable drones bring you an extremely friendly aerial photography experience, without having to learn complicated techniques to create breathtaking images.

Smart follow mode, if you set the person as a follower, it can fly behind you and record images during exercise.

Using advanced AI, it can recognize animals, plants, people, vehicles and other objects and bring back aesthetically unique photos from travel.

Leading the consumer drone market with the longest flight time, an impressive 45 minutes. This extended flight time allows the drone to capture more shots on a single charge and surpass all competitors.

The drone weighs only 470 grams, can be folded to the size of the palm, is easy to pack, and provides a simplified travel solution.

It is the most portable drone that accommodates a 3-axis mechanical gimbal, and its angular vibration range is reduced to 0.005°. The gimbal shock absorber is set in a triangular form, which helps to take more stable photos.

Strong propulsion

With its aerodynamics, light and smooth design, it soars in the air with minimal wind resistance.

The gimbal and the camera are flush with the aircraft, which greatly improves the stability.

Stay in the air and enjoy unconventional flight time Even with all the smart functions, the flight time will not be affected. A fully charged battery can fly for up to 45 minutes, allowing more footage to be taken.

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